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The Bridge: From Loss to Inspiration


I am co-host as well as a featured presenter at this ground-breaking conference that has been rescheduled for April 24 & 25 at the Coast Plaza Hotel. Read on.

Two-day conference that’s an invitation to . . .

  • Go beyond grief
  • Do more than cope
  • Explore ways to use experience as inspiration
  • Connect with local mentors and trailblazers

Featuring a combination of talks and breakout sessions.

Mar 13 & 14/Coast Plaza Hotel,10155 105th St NW

The intent of The Bridge is to move past the usual focus on coping with loss and offer people practical, potent and playful tools to use their experience as raw material for creating not just suffering. Loss truly is an intrinsic part of everyone’s life and it’s time we moved beyond the model of Making-It-Through-Until-We-Feel-Better.

Friday night features our keynote kickoff with Dr. Ronna Jevne, Professor Emeritus, U of A, internationally-recognized psychologist and creator of the Hope Foundation. Saturday offers another six to eight speakers who will use inspiration and insight to illuminate different aspects of how we experience loss told through the lens of their own personal experiences. One thing is certain. The Bridge is not a platform for preaching or pursuing a particular agenda. Rather it is an opportunity for storytelling and sharing.

For more information and to register, please go to or call Leanne at 587-778-4457 or Liandrah at 780-990-9472.