INTUITIVE CONSULTATIONS — An opportunity to delve into the future, uncover blockages, get insight into what’s happening in your life right now whether you have questions about relationships, career, family, health, finances, etc. Can also include connecting to past lives and loved ones who have passed.

SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING/COACHING — Delve deeper into understanding yourself and your process. Discover patterns that define the choices that you make so you can live your life more effectively as well as the gifts and skills you have to grow and expand. 

PERSONAL GUIDED MEDITATIONS — Use the techniques of meditation in a one-on-one session that can open you up to your own intuitive gifts and help you connect to your own Internal Guidance System. Meditation can be used for healing, illumination, insight, and connecting to your purpose in a safe and powerful way. This session offers a meditation designed specifically for you and an opportunity to process and interpret what you experienced.



BIRTH CHART CONSULTATION — Astrology is a powerful tool for exploring the whole of who you are. Talents, gifts, temperament, patterns, challenges, etc. And it can give you insight into what’s unfolding in the here and now and how you can make use of all those energies to move ahead in your life. (includes a look at your coming year).

SOLAR RETURN CONSULTATION (birthday chart) Want to know what your upcoming year looks like? This reading illuminates where the emphasis will be for the coming year as well as offering insight into the best times to accomplish your goals. (Pre-requisite: Must have had a full birth chart analysis done before – not necessarily by me.)

ASTROLOGICAL RELATIONSHIP ANALYSIS — An opportunity to look into the whys and wherefores of a significant relationship. This includes the areas of compatibility and dissonance, the purpose of the relationship itself, and the strengths and challenges of the relationship.


Booking a Consultation

  • Please contact me at or call me at 780-435-4375 to book a session. At this time I do not offer an on-line appointment system because I prefer to speak to my clients when setting up a consultation. 
  • Sessions can be done in person, on Zoom or by phone.  
  • All phone appointments and on-line sessions must be paid for in advance of the session.

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