About Lesley Francis

My professional life followed two very distinct paths; one as a journalist, the other as an astrologer, intuitive, teacher and, eventually, author. The first began in 1972, the second in 1974 when I began studying astrology while I was working at Canada’s fourth largest daily newspaper. What drew me to astrology was the conviction that there must be something that could explain human nature. Yet I was skeptical. The power and insight of astrology soon overcame that skepticism. I left my journalism career in the mid-90’s and completely changed my life focus by turning to astrology, leading to the development of my intuitive abilities and the creation of my very own, intuitive tool, Star Cards. My life has always been varied. I have been a judge for Canada’s music awards, the Junos, a member of the Visiting Committee, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, a lecturer both nationally and internationally, and a founding member of the Edmonton Astrological Society, the oldest astrological organization in Canada. And, last but not least, my writing has appeared in several Llewellyn publications since 2008, including the 2019 and the 2020 Llewellyn Sun Sign Books.

Guiding Principles

I believe it’’s just as important to let people know what your guiding principles are as it is to outline your background and experience. Neither is any good without the other.

One of the basic things that guides me is I don’t believe in judging my clients’ choices. It’s not my job or my calling or my inclination to tell you that what you are doing is right or wrong, good or bad. Every experience in life has a purpose and a blessing which cannot be assessed simply by looking at the outcome. The process itself is as important as what happens. In fact, it is the process that offers insight, revelation, opportunity and greater self-knowledge. This leads to a life more effectively lived.

Second, my intent is to do more than offer predictions. Information without a context to put it into can leave people lost, confused and feeling like they are at the mercy of the fates. That they have no real input into their own lives, no chance to change the dance they are dancing. I absolutely believe you are here to experience, to grow, to evolve your consciousness and your awareness and, in order to do that, you must have choice. And it is deeply important that you exercise that power. Otherwise, you give up your opportunity for co-creation.

True power comes from within, from our connection to God, Creator, the Divine, the Source, God/Goddess (however you define it in your spiritual life). So, the power of your life belongs with you. Not me.

I am here to act as a channel for guidance, illumination, insight and awareness and to connect you to your own inner guidance system. Not as a substitute for you or for your innate sense of what’s appropriate. Besides, intuitives or psychics are not unlike quarterbacks. We don’t complete all our passes.