Gemini 2019

Moon Beams

New Moon in Gemini (June 2/3)

Get ready for your brain to move into hyper-drive, trying to sort out how to make sense of all the mental restlessness combined with a plethora of foggy and sometimes surrealistic notions about where life is taking you. Leaving you wound up and exhausted as well as uncertain and off-balance. The New Moon is always the frequency of possibility and potential just waiting to coalesce into something tangible. However, it needs a clear pathway to follow. In this case, there doesn’t appear to be one, because this New Moon is disconnected from the rest of the astrological pantheon, other than Mercury.  This could lead to impulsive decision-making, unrealistic plans, and/or a general feeling of disorientation. So, meditate, play in your head, and do the best you can to sift the wheat from the chaff. That way you’ll be ready for the Full Moon. 

Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 17/18)

This is the part of the lunar cycle where the chickens come home to roost. Now this reflects not only the actions and choices of the last two weeks, but also a longer time frame if this Full Moon activates a particular aspect of your life that has been under pressure. The key here is to understand the basic precept of the Full Moon. To bring things into the light so they can be seen, understood and applied. With this Full Moon, the light is turned on matters of belief, faith, knowledge and, ultimately, wisdom. This requires openness and flexibility, willingness and the recognition that you don’t know everything. This is its gift. To take facts and information to a place of greater meaning, giving you the necessary inspiration to move forward with optimism, knowing you see with clarity the potential breadth of your life going forward whether you are dealing with short-term objectives or long-term goals.


You really don’t have to chase any rainbows this month. You just have to take time to appreciate what is right in front of you. This requires a combination of stillness – which is not the same as inactivity – and purposeful action. The stillness allows you to make the necessary adjustments to avoid complications, easing the pathway to accomplishing whatever you set your mind to. And, trust me, the list of things you want to do gets longer and longer, no doubt because your journey into stillness and appreciation leaves you feeling a joy and an anticipation about living life to the fullest. This is the perfect antidote to the ups and downs of the Gemini   lunar cycle as well as the perfect strategy for making the best use of it, including applying all that mental activity in a way that entertains you and guides you. Instead of bamboozling you and disorienting you. All in all, fun is just around the corner, provided you don’t get lost in irritation and frustration.

Black Holes

There’s only big black hole staring you in the face and it’s a big one. Actually super-sized when you consider the planets involved in what feels like a no-holds battle of wills. On the one side is Mars and on the other is Saturn and Pluto. In regular speak, that’s the planet of war spitting (well, not literally) in the faces of the planet of control and the planet of transformation. Very intense and problematic. Expect a lot of push/pull energy symbolized by passive aggressive feelings, whininess, emotional distancing, hyper-sensitivity, powerlessness, and the need to be right in order to be heard or to take charge of your life. To name just a few of the potential reactions. And react you will. Because you are likely to feel you are constantly trying to get out from under long-held fears and patterns, so you can breathe freely and openly. However, this requires acknowledging what is lurking in your psyche rather than trying to run roughshod over yourself by ignoring them. Embrace what is surfacing. Accept there are no instant solutions. In fact, you don’t really have to do anything except release. No organizing, no planning, no running away, no pushing past. That way you will be fully present to experience the space, the peace that emerges.

Deep Space

From small acts of adjustment come deep change. That’s the theme for this Gemini cycle, a   smorgasbord of paradoxical energies that offer an unusual opportunity to navigate your life with grace and adaptability, bringing a stillness that nurtures you going forward. But, first you need to accept the incongruities that seem to show up almost on a daily basis. One minute you feel light and airy, the next tired and overwhelmed. Which isn’t anything new, really. At least not in 2019 as Jupiter invites you to expand into new possibilities while Saturn and Pluto negotiate, at times unsuccessfully, how to transmute any stale and limiting energy without destroying the very real and productive aspects of your life. An almost-limitless subterranean pressure to wipe the slate clean and rise from the ashes bumping up against the fear of that very thing. And, all in combination with an unwavering optimism. Confusion much? Well, take heart. The Gemini cycle invites you to use curiosity, mental agility and humor to mitigate all the pressure by breaking things down into small pieces, finding the message or the laughter or both in what you observe, and shifting, releasing and cleaning out what is truly dead weight. This is a time when approaching things piecemeal gives you a better grip on where your life is going then trying to manage the big picture. A kind of spring cleaning for your heart, soul and body. One part of your consciousness at a time.