Leo 2020

Focus — You are definitely in your element with your inner adventurer itching to get moving. Use the energy wisely. Find a focus. 
Breathe  — It’s the best way to pause and find the stability you need — within. Time to recognize that inner strength is always what carries the day for you.  
— You really need a vacation from thinking, because, no matter how hard you try to arrange life right now mentally, it’s just an exercise in frustration. So, connect to your feeling centre and it will guide you. 
Believe — All that new-found confidence is real. You just have to embrace it. And nurture it by doing what expands your reality. 
Create — Time to put all that adjusting you’ve been doing to good use by applying your special magical spin to it. You’ll be amazed at what manifests. 
Release — Not only will life will be a lot lighter once you clean out your psyche of anything that no longer serves you, but you will discover hidden resources at your core. 
Assert — Take your place in the world strongly, proudly. And be clear that any action you initiate reflects you, your desires and your intentions. Period.  
Liberate — Yourself. From what, you might ask? Anything that feels like a burden, that inhibits you in any way, or that disconnects you from yourself. 

Stand Still — That way you can find new pathways to intrigue you, inspire you and illuminate what is truly meaningful in life. Running in circles on any level, results in one thing. Repetition. 
Excavate — Time for a little digging or is that a lot of digging into all aspects of your life? Why? So, you can rid yourself of the toxic habits, ideas, and standards and make space for energy that actually supports you. 

Stay Open — Tempting to shut down and retreat from the world. And, by that, I mean people. But, in order to truly take care of yourself, you need to engage more. Not only does joy await but a shift in consciousness.
Drive — Something you have in abundance right now. The challenge is harnessing it in productive ways to create a new foundation, not just for your life, but for a stronger and deeper you.