Scorpio 2019

Moon Beams

New Moon (Oct 27/28)

Time for the yearly deep dive into the still – or is that turbulent – waters of your feeling nature with the singular purpose of reconnecting to your passion and desire. Because, after all, it is the New Moon in Scorpio. Expect sudden eruptions of emotional detritus emerging from the places you carefully stored them. Rather than trying to shove these uncomfortable rumblings back into that well-designed subterranean box you had them in, let them flow. The key here is not to act on them precipitately. Which can include dumping all your discomfort in any and all directions. Clearing anything you have hoarded emotionally is not an exercise in self-torture as much as it is opening yourself up to new possibilities, new paths that offer the promise of passion fulfilled. Not the fear of desire thwarted that accompanies the choice to avoid the internal pressure you feel. So, embrace the Scorpio mantra – All or Nothing – and dive in.

Full Moon (Nov 12)

Prepare yourself for a war between your thoughts and your feelings. And the opportunity to see what happens when you let either one run the show. The temptation is to call this a balancing act when, in truth, it is an invitation to honor and integrate both aspects of your consciousness, rather than flipping back and forth between the two or assuming one is more desirable than the other. A Full Moon always brings things to light so you can see just what you are creating. Often quite eye-opening because what is revealed doesn’t look at all the way you envisioned it, planned it, and acted to manifest it. Accept that what you see is the truth and go from there. After all, the purpose of the Full Moon is not to declare something as good or bad, but rather to see the fruits of your labor as a touchstone for gaining wisdom, awareness and growth so you can make use of your experiences. Which is what a Full Moon in Taurus seeks – practical application.


There is a profound need for fun during this extremely-intense Scorpio period. And, yet it may be hard to create because the challenges of unresolved emotions, the fear of being overwhelmed, and the seemingly never-ending calls to make yet another adjustment are likely to get in the way. So, you are going to have put on your Scheduling Hat and make space for it.  Once that’s done, you can spontaneously choose what to fill it with. Just know that the energies of this yearly journey through Scorpio land include the invitation to enjoy life each and every day through things big and small. That way you remind yourself to recharge your batteries rather than bouncing from one responsibility, demand or problem to another. Finding what brings you joy or a smile to your face or a giggle or two doesn’t require anything more than standing still and being present.


Black Holes

Deep Space

It may be difficult to figure out which way the wind is blowing as daily life is a mixed bag of frustration, adjustment and power struggles both internally and externally. Just the usual stuff, right? Well, that may be true, but that offers little solace as you feel the world is conspiring to make sure you don’t have a minute’s respite from the fear that you don’t have a handle on what’s going on. The underlying challenge is to take stock of where you are and what you expect of yourself. After all, Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio so what better time is there to ask yourself the big questions? The ones that demand you stop focussing on daily details and look deeper at the course of your life. Instead, you can turn your attention away from constantly proving you can handle anything and everything to make room for rekindling a fire in your belly.

Take a deep breath. Now do it again. You cannot navigate the on-going process that 2019 symbolizes without the capacity to find stillness and mindfulness in your everyday life. The average roller coaster has got nothing on the energies bouncing you up and down, back and forth, all the while in a giant blender. Just know this will not be the breaking of you but rather the making of you. So, don’t hold on so tight to what you’ve already accomplished in life. Rather use it as the raw material for the next incarnation of who you were meant to be – until the next call to transformation comes. This is the message of Scorpio. Always be ready to take part in the alchemy of becoming yourself in all the colors you carry within you. To do that, let go. Of whatever is toxic.