A User’s Guide to The Power of 2020 and Its Points of Initiation

This is a year of unparalleled opportunity for growth and change. Period. Get ready to take out the garbage in your life, and then overhaul and renovate it from the inside out. Sounds pretty intense, potentially overwhelming, and definitely uncomfortable. No sense in hiding from the truth. That simply won’t work and it will leave you with a bigger mountain to climb when all is said and done. Plus there is joy and liberation in purging and refining and recalibrating. Nature teaches us that, in order for things to flourish and regenerate, pruning and weeding are necessary. So, think of this year as a chance to do just that. What will emerge is not only a clearer sense of direction but a renewed passion and vitality for life.

To guide you through this complex process, I have identified five distinct Points of Initiation that span the entire year. Each one calls on us to shift gears into a new space and place; each will be explored individually as the year progresses. My suggestion is you work with them one at a time. Trying to absorb what they offer, never mind work on .