Moon Beams

New Moon in Aquarius (Jan 24 to 28 – this represents the complete New Moon Phase)

If you are looking for a place to hide from turmoil and get life in order again, this New Moon isn’t likely to facilitate that. Rather it is going to push as many buttons as possible to catapult you toward change, not away from it. All this happens internally. An inside job, if you will. After all, that’s where life begins. Inside ourselves. So, if you calm your fears, let go of attachments, and open your heart, you are likely to be amazed at the insight, the light bulbs going off, and the sense of your own strength that emerges. All extremely important as you journey through a year full of jaw-dropping and powerful opportunities to recalibrate yourself and be more authentic.

Full Moon in Leo (Feb 9 to Feb 11 – this represents the complete Full Moon Phase)

With this Full Moon, you get a complete picture of what you are able to create when you call upon the full measure of your imagination, ingenuity and inspiration. Just remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect or even complete for you to appreciate your talents, skills and abilities as long as it reflects what you love. Whether it’s yourself or what you make. Or both. Remember that the brain literally cannot function without the heart. In other words, the logical and the rational can be like dry toast. Edible but not delightful. So, is life without what makes your heart sing.  So, embrace what you love. Not only does doing that have the capacity to carry you a long way, it takes the bite out of some necessary but uncomfortable adjustments that crop up.


There’s no doubt life feels like a steady diet of hard work right now, like riding a bicycle up a waterfall. So, look for the joy or delight in small things each and every day. Take pride in yourself and your commitment to growth and expansion, even if it looks like you are going nowhere. Because, what matters as much as what you do is being able to tap into that well of hope and optimism deep inside you. The fabric of your life is made of all that you have been, all that you are and all that you will be. Strengthening that is what’s important. Not wrapping yourself up in the fear of the unknown. What’s required isn’t grand gestures as much as small, consistent acts of kindness to yourself and others.

Black Holes

Deep Space

No doubt you’d like to drain the swamp you think life is. After all it’s all gooey and messy and heavy. It’s definitely temporary. The intensity and the overwhelm will eventually abate. However, that holds little or no consolation, as you try to navigate conflicting messages about maintaining the status quo versus completely eliminating anything toxic and unhealthy in all aspects of your life. Just know this is a call to make a profound, structural change in the way you live your life and it reaches deep into your soul, past your ego and past your identity. One that began during the Capricorn cycle. Resisting it only brings more uncertainty, not less.  Don’t expect immediate answers. Rather tune into your imagination, your dreams (day or night), and   your sudden aha moments that offer brief glimpses of where you might be going.

This is a period of not just growing your consciousness, but overhauling your life from the inside out. Time to ask big questions. About pain, suffering, abuse, abandonment, conformity, capitulation, giving up. About your dreams, your hopes, your desires, your identity, your purpose. Accept the truths that surface. Sometimes you need to get down and dirty, muck about, and emerge from all that ick cleansed and renewed. Just know the winds of change are on your side. They bring a liberation and a sense of peace with them. Be aware this shift is taking place in immeasurable ways so refrain from trying to measure it. Your body is the best reflection of where you are at. Accept it needs more rest because it is processing all that is surfacing in the subterranean caverns of your consciousness where you buried the toxic and the painful.