What People Are Saying About Lesley Francis...

“I’ve had many “readings,” but Lesley Francis is a different experience with a unique presence! As someone who celebrates all stages, dances, and steps in life, she makes it easy to just relax and be me, even in the middle of my own chaos. She’s wise, and at the same time inspires a youthfulness that reminds me life is meant to be enjoyed. And in her kind and fun way . . . she brings out my inner child to play. Lesley has a gift for going deep without going dark and helps me see things from a new view. With her, I find myself laughing (when I need it most) and being open to exploring thoughts or feelings I might otherwise gloss over or miss altogether. Most importantly, Lesley sincerely supports me and my path – I know it and I can feel it! If you’re looking for an astrologer or intuitive with compassion, skill, sparkle, and insight, Lesley is one of the very best. She’s an amazing astrologer and human being!”Tara A

“If you are seeking clarity, support and an invitation to a totally-different perspective of your life . . . a session with Lesley will empower you with THAT and a WHOLE bunch more!!” – Tammy P

“With Lesley Francis are truly a unique experience. She is not like any other reader, as what she gives you, is advice that allows you the opportunity to make your own life choices, rather than tell you what your life choices are. I have found seeking spiritual guidance from Lesley comforting and reassuring; as deep rooted thoughts come out of my head and are allowed to be understood in my heart.She is witty and whimsical and will make you laugh (sometimes also at yourself!). I have been on many life journeys, including a move all the way to the other side of the world, and would not have known my own greater potential or the possibilities of my path without her. Whenever any one talks about readings with astrologers, psychics or mediums, and asks me for a reference to someone genuine, I will always recommend her because of her kind and loving nature. Lesley has an ability to understand that each person is their own and has the ability to find their own way in the universe.” – Lillian G

“She is the only reader that I have been to that is able to hit the nail on the head regarding where I am spiritually and emotionally, and her accuracy in predictions regarding my career path has been scarily accurate. I have attended her workshops where she provides useful tools to access self-knowledge that are fun and it is done in a relaxed and professional manner.” Karen